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Hair Loss Questions & Answers

Hair Loss Problem?

Is Baldness Hereditary? 

  A. Yes baldness is hereditary, but that doesn't mean that because it runs in your family you need to give up and accept the fact that you too will be bald someday. It does mean however that you will probably have to work harder at keeping your hair than someone that doesn't have baldness in their ancestors. Although baldness is hereditary, it does not revert back to your father like most people assume or will tell you. It reverts back to your grandfather on your mothers side of your family in most cases. However if baldness is common on fathers side also, then you really have your work cut out in keeping your hair. 


Why do more men go bald then women? 

A. My theory on that is because women, as a general rule, have more fatty tissue on their scalps then men do. Which gives more of a cushion to the minute blood capillaries that carry blood to their hair root, hair bulb and papilla. Another reason might be that women, as a general rule, do more brushing of their hair which also stimulates the flow of blood and helps in keeping the scalp loose. 

What can I do to keep from going bald or

to help bring back the hair that I have already lost? 

  A. I have found that the most common mistakes people make when they start losing their hair is that they stop brushing and combing their hair for fear they're going to pull all of it out. That hair was already going to come out, you just helped it along by a day or two. You need to brush your hair and massage your scalp. By doing this you will help stimulate the flow of blood to your hair roots. You need a good soft nylon, or preferably a good boar bristle, brush. Do not use a hard bristle brush that could scratch your scalp and cause it to scab over. You also need to stop using chemical and detergent shampoos. You should not be using chemical dyes, bleaches, or perms that will damage the hair and scalp. You should not be using products that will clog your hair follicles and cause sebum buildup in your follicles. You should not be using alcohol based products that only dry out your scalp and harden the sebum plugs that are clogging up the hair follicles and preventing your hair growth. Next you need to use my rejuvinator, shampoo and conditioner.  

What are the different kinds of baldness? 

A. There are different forms of baldness: Male - pattern baldness, female - pattern baldness, toxic baldness, alopecia areata, alopecia universalis or alopecia totalis, trichotillomania, and scarring alopecia. 
* Male - pattern baldness is the most common type of baldness in men. This type of baldness usually starts as a receding hairline in the front of the head or near the back crown area of the head. Over time this may develop to the point of a man having only a horse shoe pattern of hair left on his head.
* Female - pattern baldness is a type of balding which usually begins around age 30 and becomes more noticeable at about 40. Female - pattern baldness usually causes the hair to thin out all over the head, but rarely progresses to total (or near total) baldness as in men.
* Toxic baldness occurs in men and women where hair may fall out for as long as 3 or 4 months before growing back in due to chemotherapy medications, as well as certain cholesterol lowering drugs, Parkinson's medications, ulcer drugs, anticoagulants, antidepressants, anti-thyroidal agents, blood thinners, etc. When a doctor prescribes any drug he or she should be asked if it causes hair loss. If he or she doesn't know, have them look it up in the Physicians Desk Reference, which lists the side affects of all prescription drugs. A pharmacist should also know.
* Alopecia Areata is where hair suddenly falls out in spots of the head or beard. The cause of this is really unknown, but is usually said to be caused by nerves. I agree with this in some cases but not in all cases. Usually when this happens the hair will eventually come back in on it's own. However it will usually come back in white in color at first and then gradually come back in your original color. If you or someone you know has this problem you should contact me, as I have a formula that will bring the hair back in quicker than it would come in on it's own, and also with my formula it usually doesn't come in white, but your own color. 
* Alopecia universalis or totalis is a complete loss of all body hair including eyebrows, eye lashes, facial and body hair and also a loss of all hair on the head. 
* Trichotillomania, known as hair pulling, is found mostly in children, although it can prevail throughout the persons lifetime. 
* Scarring alopecia is skin that scarred because of burns, x-ray therapy, skin cancer, or scarring due to severe injury that produced hair loss. 

Why are your hair rejuvinator ingredients so important? 

A. All other hair grower preparations that I know of use alcohol and or water as their main ingredient in their formulas. Alcohol is not only something our skin will try to block out and keep from penetrating but also what is able to penetrate, will dry out and harden the plugs of sebum that are blocking off the hair follicles, thus making matters worse instead of better. Another common ingredient in most other hair grower preparations is water. If water was going to help regrow your hair then all you would need to do would be to take a shower or wet your scalp everyday. Check out other ingredients lists on other hair grower preparations and you will see for yourself. The ingredients need to be listed in order of percentages. The number 1 or 2 ingredient will be alcohol and or water. Mostly what you are paying for is 70% or more of these ingredients. In many of your most advertised formulas the active ingredients are as little as 2%. You will not find any alcohol or water in my formula. Every ingredient that I put into my hair rejuvinator formula is what I consider to be an important combination of ingredients, and have significant reason to be a part of my formula. I do not use a lot of cheap inactive ingredients, so as to make a huge profit from ingredients that would cost me practically nothing. 

  • Emu Oil has quick absorption to the skin, not only getting to the hair bulb, root and papilla itself but also works as a carrier to get other nutrients to the area of the hair root, bulb and papilla.

  • Emu Oil will loosen and remove hard packed sebum that is plugging off the hair follicles and preventing the hair shaft from exiting the hair follicle.

  • Emu Oil thickens the skin thereby taking pressure off the minute blood capillaries that are being squeezed off and not allowing the blood to flow to and feed the hair roots.

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