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Hair Loss Information

Hair Loss Problem?

What is the real reason for losing ones hair?

   This is a very debatable question, depending on which self proclaimed expert you want to listen to, you can get several answers. Here are some of the more common theories that I respect and that make sense to me. There are many others too ridiculous to even bother mentioning. 

   According to Dr. Engstrand, baldness is caused by pressure on the capillaries (tiny blood vessels) of the scalp by a thickened tendinous membrane. This tendinous membrane, the galea, is located on the crown of the head, and covers an area approximately 40 square inches. Starting at the lower forehead and going back and on the side to approximate line where typical complete baldness stops. When the galea becomes thick, it increases the pressure and tension on the scalp, thus impairing the blood circulation in the capillaries which, among other functions, feed the hair root, pappilla and hair bulb with nutrients necessary for hair growth.

   Dr Lars Engstrand is no longer living, but was a highly reputable scientist and an Associate Professor of Surgery at the famous Karolinski Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. This theory would explain why (as stated in hair loss problem? above) almost all of my clients scalps were stretched tight and taunt. 

   Some say emotional stress can have a negative effect on hair growth and be a contributing factor in the loss of hair, which eventually can lead to complete baldness. Emotional strain and stress causes constriction of the blood vessels of the scalp and tensions in the muscle tissues. This will block the narrow cappillaries of the scalp and prevent the blood from going to the roots of the hair. 

   The other popular theory of today is that balding is attributed to a complex dance of hormones. Pure male sex hormones such as testosterone(in both men and women) are converted into something called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which according to some doctors chokes the hair follicles. This choking process shrinks the hair follicle so much that the hair eventually falls out. While our bodies create relatively consistent levels of DHT throughout our lifetimes, our sensitivity to it is genetically programmed. When we hit a certain age, our follicles protective elements begin to click off, and DHT can do it's dirty work. Supposedly this is why many women only experience alopecia after menopause when the ovaries stop producing as much DHT - guarding estrogen. The specific enzyme that is supposed to do this dirty work of converting normal testosterone into unwanted DHT is called 5 - alpha reductase. I'm not sure who it was that first came up with the DHT theory, but if this is the cause of your hair loss, then our formula certainly has this base covered as well. Emu oil, saw palmetto and green tea are all proclaimed DHT blockers and are all a part of our formula. 


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